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Michael Zomber: Studying Historical Weapons and Working for Peace

When one thinks about Michael Zomber, his two passions seem at odds. His first love is collecting and saving historical arms and armor. An interest in weaponry could make one believe Michael is also a warmonger. Not so. Michael’s other passion is promoting and supporting avenues to peace. Beyond collecting weapons, Michael Zomber is an […]

David Osio Excellent Leadership Skills

David Osio has records of achievements in the financial services industry. He currently serves as Davos Financial Group’s Chief Executive Officer, the company is a consortium of independent and licensed companies with aim of providing specialist asset management and sound financial opinion services. The company provides its services to a few selected clients, which has […]


IAP WORLDWIDE, who will not remember it in years to come? For that is the question. IAP WORLDWIDE has been around for a great number of years, and it plans to only continue to be in business for many more years to come. With great success and history comes the yearning and desire for even […]