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Bob Reina Takes Us Through His Journey

As the leader of one of the fastest growing global video communication companies Talk Fusion founder and chief executive Bob Reina reveals his business and philanthropy approach to success. Learn more:


In 2004 Reina wanted to email a short video to his family while he was touring a house but America On Line (AOL) said it could not be pulled off. Reina and his IT friend got together and produced the company’s first product, video email.


In an interview with, Reina spoke of the benefits from the direct selling market, specifically that everyone benefits from each other’s success. He also shared how the company became profitable quite rapidly as the video email product was the exact right product at the precise time. Learn more:


He emphasized how important it was to get the word out about video email and how he began by speaking to everyone about it as advancing in network marketing comes from the reach of people you already know and have a connection with.


Reina, who previously was a police officer connected with his fellow officers by promoting the product out of his car.


He pointed out there is not much that can discourage him as he sold products he had faith in. He said he realized the product was impressive and it was essential for people to know about it.


Reina spoke about dreams and working hard to realize them. He said his joy comes from lending a hand to others to reach their dreams.


Reina also spoke about how crucial it is to keep going forward and while he has many thoughts and designs not all of them can be carried out at once. He added coming to a decision on which one to go forward with can be challenging.


Talk Fusion, which is one of the Top 50 companies in the Direct Selling Association, has developed a series of video communication products which are available in more than 140 countries. Visit to know more about Securus Technologies.


Reina has made giving back part of the company’s culture and he has made many donations of his own. He has contributed to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay and aided Nepal earthquake victims.




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