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Roberto Santiago: The Entrepreneur Who Struck Gold With the Manaira Shopping Mall

The city of Joao Pessoa in Brazil is home to two mega shopping malls, the Manaira Shopping mall, and the Mangabeira shopping. The two malls are integral to the economy of the city and are some of its most attractive features. Coincidentally, however, the two malls are owned by one individual – Brazilian businessman, Roberto […]

Bob Reina Takes Us Through His Journey

As the leader of one of the fastest growing global video communication companies Talk Fusion founder and chief executive Bob Reina reveals his business and philanthropy approach to success. Learn more:   In 2004 Reina wanted to email a short video to his family while he was touring a house but America On Line (AOL) […]

Rick Shinto-President of InnovaCare Heath

Rick Shinto is the current Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare Heath, Inc. InnovaCare Heath, Inc. provides healthcare services to its customers. The firm is located in Fort Lee, New Jersey, and operates in North America. The company’s main aim is to improve the healthcare services offered so as to meet the challenges faced by healthcare […]

Various Services Provided By Cotemar

Cotemar is a Mexican company that specializes in offshore construction as well as petroleum services. But this is not all. They are well aware of other needs of people too.     In all the platforms as well as boats operated by Cotemar; service of food is provided along with lodging facilities on the coast. […]

David Osio Excellent Leadership Skills

David Osio has records of achievements in the financial services industry. He currently serves as Davos Financial Group’s Chief Executive Officer, the company is a consortium of independent and licensed companies with aim of providing specialist asset management and sound financial opinion services. The company provides its services to a few selected clients, which has […]