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Cotemar Mexico

Cotemar is a leading Mexican LLC founded in 1979. Cotemar serves the Mexican oil industry by developing offshore oil fields, providing maintenance and construction, lodging, food, transportation and marine services. Their premiere client is Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex).


Cotemar provides housing platforms that serve anywhere from 450 to 800 people. These platforms are semi-submersible and are easily moved where they are needed. They also have boats with dynamic positioning systems providing offshore maintenance. They are uniquely operated by computer through a satellite link allowing them to stay in a fixed position during the maintenance progression.


Cotemar maintains and rehabilitates the platforms and processing centers of PEMEX’s offshore installations. This service includes working prefabrication to assembly, and the operating of equipment and lines of service. It includes providing and maintaining diving equipment for surveying and overhauling process lines. Accommodation services are included along with the necessary services for live-in crew: food preparation, laundry, ironing, general cleaning and entertainment.


This is all done on semi-submersible platforms with dynamic positioning. This enables the fast repositioning of the complex from one location to another. Our vessels have maneuvering cranes with high load capacity and are equipped with a work deck for the construction of prefabricated structures. They also have storage areas.


Operations are controlled by mobile connection equipment. The information is captured in the field. Our technological systems develop it for planning and delivery. Our staff has specialties in every area we serve, design, construction and services in the oil industry.


Cotemar’s Company Objectives Include:


1) Build offshore oil facilities by installing materials, staying on budget budget, delivering a quality product that’s safe, showing respect for the environment and generating client confidence.

2) Increasing the business’s profitability reducing costs and increasing the quality of the work.

3) Deliver only certifiable work with fast delivery, guaranteeing increases appreciation of our processes and products.

4) Maintain a high social commitment by complying with current environmental regulations.


To maintain our company’s function at the highest level, we have developed a supply system that meets the quality and service standards of our clients. Our buying cycles are updated in real time directly onto our automated system. There is no overlap with other areas as this is a stand-alone system that is continually monitored.



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