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Doe Deere’s simple and comforting morning routine

Everyone has a morning routine. Some are more extravagant, while others are quite simple. Successful people all over the world swear by their morning routine and have perfected it down to a science. Fashion goddess and self-proclaimed “unicorn queen” Doe Deere sits down for an interview with Savoir Flair to discuss her morning routine in detail. Although she runs a million dollar cosmetic line, she is just like everyone else. Some of her morning rituals might surprise you.


She wakes up every morning at 8:30am. She does not need an alarm clock because it just happens naturally. Doe loves getting up in the morning for the little rituals like eating breakfast in the kitchen and thinking about the day to come. The first thing she does is drink a full glass of water for hydration. Living in the very dry climate of Los Angeles, it is important to stay hydrated. Next, Doe Deere does some stretches to loosen up. For breakfast she likes grits, yogurt, and fruit. She even can pick oranges from her very own tree to make home made orange juice.


While she munches on her breakfast, Doe checks her phone for new updates on Instagram, responds to emails, and chats with her team via an internal company chat. On to the makeup of course! She listens to music at the same time, and is especially digging The Beatles at the moment. Doe first washes her face thoroughly and moisturizes. She always moisturizes before putting on makeup! She uses products like Glossier, Murad, L’Oreal, and MAC to complete the first section of her beauty routine. Her cosmetic line “Lime Crime” has not yet created a foundation, that is why she uses L’Oreal and MAC. They are in the works of creating a Lime Crime foundation though. She always sets her makeup with powder and then fills in her eyebrows, a technique that an beauty obsessed person would know. Her years of experience of applying makeup has taught her a lot of good tricks and hacks. Red or pink are her favorite colors of lipstick to apply, while brush brings color to her face. She likes doing her makeup in the morning best because she get time to herself, a rare moment. She styles her hair to her signature look, down with curls. Doe’s purple hair really stands out that way. She does not shower in the morning, but prefers to do it at night. Her hair is best in the morning dry and ready to go.


This beauty queen also spends time with her two beloved cats, Chester von Battingham and Puffy Fluffles. She loves them like children, petting and kissing them. Who doesn’t love a cute cat? Doe finally arrives at the office at noon, in time for lunch. She chats with her team, attends meetings, and takes care of anything else that needs attending to. She ends her day at six usually, unless it is a really busy time and then she has to stay deep into the night.


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