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End Citizens United Is Gaining Unprecedented Support

End Citizens United, a PAC, or political action committee, wants to make its name come true in the literal sense. Citizens United is a Supreme Court decision that allowed super PACs to support candidates while flooded with suspicious money. Hundreds of thousands of people have signed a petition urging Congress to pass a law to end Citizens United. End Citizens United has itself raised money for this purpose. It plans to help Democratic candidates which it supports to help them win and fulfill their campaign promises. They plan to support candidates who run on a platform to end Citizens United, so that dark money does not get mixed into politics. They will support their endorsed candidates through television advertising and direct mail, among other methods.


End Citizens United is not just interested in campaign finance reform when it comes to local governments, including state and city elections. They also want Congress to pass legislation to undo the Supreme Court decision of Citizens United, which was passed in 2010. This is possible through a constitutional amendment. End Citizens United has a small staff of just five people and gets its funding through small private donations from hundreds of thousands of concerned individuals.


During the first three months of this year, they raised four million dollars. They are on track to raise thirty five million dollars by the time the midterm elections come around next year. This will be larger than what it managed to raise in the 2016 election, when it raised twenty five million dollars. Over one hundred thousand people donated to End Citizens United in the first three months of this year. Forty thousand of these people were donating for the first time.


The average donation to End Citizens United is just twelve dollars. As you can see, most donations do not come from big corporations who usually are funding the politicians for their own political gains. Instead, it comes from the average American who is worried about campaign finance reform. In fact, End Citizens United is just a regular PAC, and is thus unable to accept donations which are over five thousand dollars. However, they have managed to raise funds on a level that put them among the top activist groups for the Democrat Party in terms of funding. They fundraise aggressively because they know that they need to rely on the little guys.


They also encourage their donor base to donate funds to the politicians they endorse. For example, they helped raise over five hundred thousand dollars for Joe Ossoff, who is running as a Democrat in Georgia for the first time. He ran to fill the seat that was vacated by Tom Price, who Trump nominated for the Secretary of Health and Human Services.

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