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Healthcare Entrepreneur and Investor Jim Tananbaum

Molly He is now a venture partner at Foresite Capital. Dr. Molly has vast experience in the field of pharmaceutical and genomic research and development. Before joining Foresite Capital, Dr. Molly was a director at Illumina. Foresite Capital is expected to benefit greatly from the experience of Dr. Molly. She said that it was an honor to be a part of the Foresite Capital team.

Jim Tananbaum made this announcement. He serves as the managing director and CEO of Foresite Capital. He said that Dr. Molly had great experience in scientific research making her one of the best in the field. She would help in the advancement of Foresite Capital ( with the skills she has developed over the years.

Molly He’s role at Illumina involved modifying and developing the global protein reagent of the company. She had previously worked at Pacific Biosciences where she performed a similar role. Dr. Molly had previously worked on developing drugs and antibodies to control immune diseases and cancer.

Dr. Molly studied at the Nankai University where she got her Bachelor’s degree in biochemistry. She later attended the University of California for her Ph.D. in protein biophysics. According to, her achievements go beyond her successful research and drug development. Dr. He has authored several published papers.

Dr. Jim Tananbaum ( is the founder of Foresite Capital. He is also the founder of GelTex Pharmaceuticals, which he successfully managed until its acquisition by Genzyme. Jim co-founded several other companies. He has invested in other pharmaceutical companies including Amerigroup, Jazz Pharmaceuticals, and Amira Pharmaceuticals. Mr. Tananbaum recently made it to the Forbes List of Top Tech Investors coming in at number 52.

Jim is a holder of B.S.E.E. from Yale University. He also holds an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School as well as an M.D. from Harvard Medical School. Jim Tananbaum is also a board advisor for several companies including Peloton Pharmaceuticals. This is because of his many years of experience in entrepreneurship and investments in healthcare. Jim has some marketing experience, and the companies he has founded and invested in have become very profitable. More information available on the Google website.

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