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How Securus Technologies Keeps Corrections Safer

Securus Technologies is making amazing strides in inmate communications today. Their system, which is based out of Dallas, Texas, has helped the people of law enforcement keep themselves and the inmates that they serve safer. It has even helped solve crimes that were once thought to be unsolvable. Referred to as “cold cases,” these are cases that need to be solved and closed. Bringing those criminals to justice who have committed the crimes is just one of the things that Securus Technologies does.


The current technology that everyone has been talking about with excitement is an inmate communicator system. It can listen in and monitor inmate phone calls and other discussions within the correction facilities. It is a wonderful addition to the already vigilant system that keeps the criminals of today away from the law abiding public. This communications system has been helping in this way now since 2016. The proven track record of recording, monitoring and gathering information is well regarded.


Imagine being able to listen in when the inmates think that they are in a private location. They can become relaxed and forget that everything is monitored in the system. They could begin to name people, places and other aspects of Intel that can help lead to the capture, incarceration, and justice being brought that many victims have been looking for. Criminals are clever and highly manipulative. Imagine being able to intervene in that system and catch that before it happens. It is a real way to help protect the men and women of today’s society.


The future of Securus Technologies is still growing to this day. Holding over 250 patents to help keep corrections faculties safer, Securus Technologies is just beginning to break the surface of what can be easily achieved when you combine technology and safety.


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