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Redefining Healthcare with Copa Star Hospital

When talking about modern and luxurious hospitals in Brazil, a hospital called Copa Star tops the list. Not only is the hospital fitted with state of the art technology but has an exceptional design in the interior and exterior. Dealing with patients who require specialized treatment and normal treatment, the Copa Star Hospital is winning the hearts of local Brazilians and people from the surrounding countries. According to one of the hospital founders known as Jorge Moll, the idea behind the Copa Star Hospital is to create a hospital that resembles a five-star hotel. This unique hospital is located in Rio de Janeiro. The owners of this hospital say that due to the demand they are currently experiencing, they plan to expand to other cities such as Brasilia and Sao Paolo.

Other unique features with this hospital are advanced diagnostic systems as well as excellent customer service. The attendants within the customer service department are trained to treat customers with utmost respect. To ensure that Hospital Copa Star takes care of all queries from their customers, they have maintained active social media profiles that include Facebook, Snap Chat, Tumbler, Instagram, and Twitter. The customer service not only uses these profiles to answer queries, but they also use them to update customers on their latest products and address complaints. Read more at Scoopnest about Copa Star.

The rooms and facilities within the Copa Star Hospital are designed to take care of the need of every patient. The architectural design was meant to offer exceptional comfort together with therapeutic spaces. Taking the lobbies, for instance, they are decorated with beautiful artwork from renowned artists to create a serene environment. Patients suffering from cardiac and neurological ailments are well covered by this hospital. Just to have an idea of the hospital’s infrastructure, the hospital occupies seven floors, has a total area of 21,000 square feet and has a total of 59 intensive care units. To increase insulation, sound concrete was used to construct this hospital. As of today, the hospital has 113 doctors who have received extra training other than the one given in medical school.

Talking about state of the art technology, the hospital has modern diagnostic centers, MRI machines, robotic assistants as well as neurosurgery facilities and smart operating rooms. The Copa Star Hospital has employed the latest development in control engineering to control several patients’ aspects. Some of the aspects that are controlled include curtains, room temperature, and lights. The hospital has given every patient an iPad to control these aspects. Owned by the D’Or network, the hospital was built for three years. It emphasizes the importance of privacy as most of their patients are high profile people. Security cameras that are triggered by motion have been installed in this facility to deal with trespass. Visit the site to know more.

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