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The Career of Antony Petrello, Nabors CEO

Antony is the chief executive at ‘Nabors Industries Limited’. Here, he also doubles as the company’s president and chair to the board. Nabors, the Hamilton based company, is the largest natural and geothermal gas manufacturer. Its operations transverse boarders going all the way to Africa and back to the middle east, Asia and then USA. This company, which was known as Anglo Energy in 1968 when it started its operations, is cognizant of the developmental input Tony has had on its growth.

Academic and Professional Qualifications

Antony went to the two most prestigious universities in the world: Harvard and Yale Universities. At Harvard he left with a ‘J.D Degree from its law school. At Yale on the other hand, he acquired his BS degree and later his MS degree. He specialized in Mathematics. Tony started working in 1979 with Baker & McKenzie. He was promoted to managing partner in charge of the firm’s ‘New York office’. While working at ‘Baker & McKenzie’, Tony focused on areas of the law such as taxation law, corporate law and arbitration law. He practiced law a while before moving to Nabors.

Nabors Career

Antony Petrello started working at Nabors in 1991, when he joined the company as its ‘chief operating officer’. One year later he ascended to the position of President. A few years later, in 2003, Antony became Nabors deputy chairman. He held this position until 2012. It was in 2011 that Tony was appointed chief executive of Nabors which was followed a year later with an appointment to the chairmanship of the board.

Board Memberships

Apart from Nabors engagement, Antony is also a director at ‘Stewart & Stevenson, LLC’ and He also serves in a similar capacity at ‘Texas Children Hospital‘. He uses his position as a director of the ‘Texas Children Hospital’ to push for research to address the challenges faced by neurologically challenged children. Tony is a director at Hilcorp Energy Company.

FY 2015

Antony Petrello’s whole FY 2015 calculated compensation is $ 27,512,939. From this amount his salary was $580,077, his bonus $7,727,000 and $ 16,863,656 stock. Other compensations amounted to $1,342,206.

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