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The Conventional Rules Of Fashion Do Not Apply To Doe Deere

The name Doe Deere has quickly come to stand for a whole new way of looking at fashion and cosmetics for millions of women around the world who are looking for new and entertaining ways of having fun with their own personality. The founder and creative force behind the Lime Crime brand of cosmetics has been looking for as many ways of expressing herself and her own sense of personal style throughout most of her life, and has now become an inspiration to a while host of young people who are following in her footsteps; after establishing the Lime Crime name as an account on an Online marketplace, Doe Deere has set about breaking most of the rules that have been laid down by the fashion industry over the past century.


It was while Doe Deere was developing her own fashion line that she realized the major gap in the market that was available for a cosmetics manufacturer who could produce bold, bright colors that are loved by people from across the world. Doe Deere does not take a traditional approach to fashion as she feels her own background has influenced many of her fashion choices over the years; born in Russia, Doe Deere moved to New York City at 17 and feels her own Russian heritage plays a role in the individuality she feels. After moving to the U.S., Doe Deere set out to study fashion in New York and feels the city itself played a major role in assisting her in developing her own sense of style that can only be described as individual. For Doe Deere the major part of fashion she continues to enjoy is the development of her own sense of style and making sure she and her followers do whatever they feel is right to allow them the chance to feel self confident.


As she studied for her fashion qualifications, Doe Deere also set out on a career as a musician that allowed her the chance to learn much about presenting herself to her audience, something she does on a regular basis as she explains her views on expressing oneself to her millions of followers. The global push to become a major part of the fashion industry has continued as she has set out to create temporary hair dyes and a wide range of cosmetics in bold and vibrant colors.


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